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Hope College December 2011 : Page 3

CONTeNTs News FrOm HOpe COllege Volume 43, No. 3 December 2011 2 4 5 6 8 10 12 16 18 23 31 “Quote, unquote” Refl ections on Holland’s polymathic founder. Events Activities forthcoming. Campus Scene News from the halls of Hope. A Greater Hope 6 Campaign launch ranges from in-person to around the world. Student center named for Jim and Martie Bultman. A Greater Hope Celebrating Southern Normal School and a vision of Hope. Campus Profi le 8 Campus Profi le Linked by geography and history, Hope and Holland strengthen each other. Varied approaches to traveling the campus. Campus Profi le 10 Fall Sports Report The season past in overview. 12 Classnotes News of the alumni family. A Closing Look Exploring the heavens. 16 Printed using soy-based inks. 18 December 2011 3

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