Dermatology World December 2011 : Page 13

PROOF: “The MaxG is the IPL I use the most because I like to see a vessel disappear right when I hit it—and that’s what I’m seeing with the MaxG.” — E. Victor Ross, MD San Diego, CA Can Optimized Light ™ Rival Pulsed Dye Laser in Performance? BEFORE AFTER ONE TREATMENT “The great feature about the MaxG is that there is enough fl uence—even at the shortest pulse durations—to be able to treat even small red telangiectasia.” — Robert A. Weiss, MD Baltimore, MD — Jeffrey Dover, MD Brookline, MA Optimized Light M ax G (Pulsed Dye Laser) PDL Judge the case at The MaxG ™ rivals the performance of single-wavelength lasers with the comfort of Optimized Light ™ . • Delivers over 30% more peak power in shorter pulsewidths than the predecessor LuxG ™ • Offers unique combination of Dynamic Spectrum Shifting SM and dual-band fi lters • Provides superior uniform heating across a larger variety of vessel diameters than a pulsed dye laser ® ©2011 Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. Palomar is a registered trademark; MaxG, Optimized Light, and LuxG are trademarks; Dynamic Spectrum Shifting is a service mark of Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. 15 Network Drive, Burlington, MA 01803 USA from light comes beauty USA: 1-800-PALOMAR Emil Tanghetti, MD “The MaxG gives us more potential hits on each vessel; more absorption peaks and the possibility of getting an even better result than you would with a single-wavelength laser.”


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