Dermatology World July 2011 : Page 3

Are your patients confused by the array of Over-the-Counter Acne products? Keep it simple. Recommend PanOxyl ® Brand Acne Products Now available in 4%, 8%, and 10% Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) #1 & #2 Prescribed BPO Creamy Wash Formulations Now Available Without A Prescription OTC Under PanOxyl® Brand Patented delivery system, containing Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI), solubilizes BPO and helps reduce particulate-based skin irritation and inflammation commonly experienced with conventional BPO formulations Available beginning May 2011 Call your pharmacy today and request they stock the new PanOxyl ® Acne Creamy Washes PanOxyl ® NDC # NEW 0145-2660-05 PanOxyl ® UPC # 0-73462-09870-0 Product Description PanOxyl ® 4% BPO Acne Creamy Wash with DMI PanOxyl ® 8% BPO Acne Creamy Wash with DMI PanOxyl ® 10% BPO Acne Foaming Wash NEW 0145-2661-05 0-73462-09885-4 0145-0985-05 0-73462-09855-7 Data on file, Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.

Stiefel, A GSK Company

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