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the SAArchaeological record The Magazine of the Society for American Archaeology Volume 10, No. 3 May 2010 Editor’s Corner special issue: working together on race and racialism in american archaeology Editors’ Introduction Deconstructing Roger Echo-Hawk (sort of) Working Together on Race Archaeologies of Invisibility and Neo-Racism Race Is Not a Lie—Not Yet Working Together on Race: The View from Canada Race is…Only as Race Does: Essentialism and Ethnicity in (Bio)Archaeology and Skeletal Biology Merciless Greetings, Wicked Servants of the Age of Archaeoracialism Working Together: Grants, GIS and Education: Everything I need to make my way Exchanges: Where Did I Go Wrong? Some Comments on Teaching Archaeology and Heritage in Brazil Shining Light on Looting: Using Google Earth to Quantify Damage and Raise Public Awareness You Say You Want a Revolution: A Brief History of Archaeological Revolutions Asymptotically Approaching Zero: Tree-Ring Dating at Mesa Verde National Park Trick and Treat: Archaeological Lessons from a Time Capsule Report from the SAA Board of Directors SAA Annual Business Meeting 2010 Award Recipients news and notes positions open calendar 43 45 48 52 58 59 60 Historic homestead with collapsed ramada, west-central New Mexico. Structure and ramada tree-ring dated to the 1910s. Photograph: Andrew Duff. Donald H. Holly Jr. 3 4 6 10 12 14 16 21 26 2 Andrew Duff Edited by Kurt Dongoske and Larry Zimmerman Kurt Dongoske and Larry Zimmerman Larry J. Zimmerman Roger Echo-Hawk Paul R. Mullins Carol McDavid Eldon Yellowhorn Ann M. Kakaliouras Roger Echo-Hawk Ira L. Matt 28 Marcia Bezerra 30 34 38 Daniel A. Contreras and Neil Brodie Jonathan T. Thomas and Anna Waterman Stephen E. Nash

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