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Dear SAA Member, The SAA 7.5 Film Fest is coming to the 75th Anniversary Meeting in St. Louis, MO and I wanted to encourage you to submit a DVD for this exciting special event! Submitting a DVD is simple and the entry fee is only $7.50, which includes one free Film Fest T-shirt! The top films will be recognized with awards at the Annual Business Meeting on Friday, April 16, 2010. Here is all you need to do: • Make sure your video is less than 7.5 minutes in length, record it on a DVD, and place the title of your film and your name(s) both on the DVD case and at the beginning of the film. • Mail your video along with a completed entry form (link to entry form) and your $7.50 entry fee to the SAA office, ATTN: Meghan Tyler, no later than February 26, 2010. All films will be viewed by a blue-ribbon panel of judges and those selected as finalists will be screened during the Fri- day Film Fest at the 75th Anniversary Meeting in St. Louis. Films can have a soundtrack in English, Spanish, Por- tuguese, or French. Additional Information • Any DVD submitted will not be returned • By submitting a DVD you give SAA permission to screen, judge, and show the film at the 7.5 Film Fest • Submitting a DVD gives SAA explicit permission to post the film on the internet, should SAA decide to do so Licensing and Copyright Permissions • If your film contains any music, you must provide SAA with proof that you have complied with licensing laws • If your film contains any photos, images, or clips that you do not own, you must provide a copy of the required per- missions to SAA • If your film contains any recognizable individuals, you must provide a copy of the permission obtained from each individual to SAA To submit your film now visit If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or contact the SAA office at +1 202-789-8200. Sincerely, Bruce D. Smith 75th Anniversary Task Force Member

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