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C! Kelly’s Korner “Janet made everyone around her feel special. One word that has been put on my heart to describe her is ‘intentional.’ She was intentional in her relationships with her family, her friends and every student she knew. Most of all, she was intentional in her faith, which was evident in the way she lived her life. She has inspired me to do just that: to live my life more intentionally. God truly blessed me with her friendship,” says Beth Whitlow. Lorrel Lyles shares, “When I think of Janet Pate, some of the things I think of are the words tenacity, fun, thoughtfulness, friendship, grace, love and a life lived intentionally. It was impossible to be with Janet and not see Jesus. In good times and in bad times, she never wavered in her faith. She always gave all glory and honor to God.” Additionally, Lisa Frank spoke of her compassion for others, Julie Gabardi talked about her confidence and courage, and Shonda Painter shared how she made her want to be a better person. I think Lyn Helsley summed it up best when she said, “Janet was a woman of deep faith. Her faith came from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When most people would have quit, that faith carried Janet through.” It’s hard to imagine staring death in the face and to know with full confidence that this life is not your home. Janet knew this was not the end, but just the beginning. She left behind a sweet, loving husband, Tony Pate, and a son and daughter, Bryan and Jordan, who are so much like their mother. Janet’s legacy will continue for years to come because she lived her life to the fullest and left with no regrets. She was full of faith and full of grace until the very end. It was a life we all hope to live. Scan to View 71

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