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Book Review Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing: Sensors, Algorithms, and Applications Edited by Qihao Weng CR Press, Taylor and Francis Series in Remote Sensing Applications, 2011, 556 pp. ISBN 978-1-4200-9175-5 Hardcover: $149.95 Reviewed by: Petros Patias, Professor, Department of Rural & Surveying Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, The Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing: Sensors, Algorithms, and Applications comprises four sections with a total of 21 chapters contributed by 44 leading experts in the fi eld of environmental re-mote sensing. The editor of the book is Dr. Qihao Weng, Professor of Geography and Director of the Center for Urban and Environmental Change at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana. The main aim of this book is to provide a supplementary text for upper-division undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, the book can also serve as a reference for researchers, scientists, engineers, and policy makers who wish to keep up with new developments in environmental remote sensing. In order to fulfi ll its aim, the book includes two type of articles: a.) a comprehensive review of articles aimed at examining developments in concepts, methods, techniques and applications in a subfi eld of environmental remote sensing, and b.) a focused review of articles documenting the latest developments in a hot topic with one or two concise case studies. Section I deals with in-depth reviews of remote sensing sensors, systems and platforms in different regions of wavelengths. Six chapters compose this section with material spanning a range of sensors and thematic content. Chapter 1 evaluates the Landsat program regarding vegetation studies and introduces data integration with other sen-sors like MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer). Chapter 2 is a comprehensive review of selected data products (Land, Atmosphere, Ocean), algorithms, and applications of MODIS. Chap-ter 3 offers a detailed introduction to lidar applications in estimating forest biophysical parameters. Chapter 4 introduces the reader to the concepts of impulse and polychromatic SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar). Chapter 5 gives an extended review of Hyperspectral imag-ing, followed by extended literature references with a focus on the spectral characteristics of typical bio-parameters. Chapter 6 examines the application of TIR (Thermal Infrared) Imaging in urban studies and in particular in the derivation of UHI Urban Heat Island) parameters. Five chapters within Section II identify recent advances in algo-rithms and techniques, especially in image preprocessing, thematic information extraction, and change detection. Chapter 7 reviews the atmospheric correction methods for optical imaging with emphasis on physical rather than empirical models. Chapter 8 reviews the sources of geometric distortion, compares 2D/3D empirical and physical models, presents the processing steps as well as the error propagation in the modeling process, and provides an extended literature reference list. Chapter 9 is a brief overview of major steps in image classifi cation and a case study illustrating the improvements in vegetation classifi cation in moist tropical regions. Chapter 10 reviews the current status of 104 Februar y 2012 Object Oriented Image Analysis (OBIA) for vegetation monitoring and mapping and illustrates its capacity through two extensive case studies. Chapter 11 examines the essential steps in change detec-tion and provides a case study of land-use/land-cover in a complex rural-urban area. The last two sections of this book mainly focus on environmental applications. Section III, through its fi ve chapters, emphasizes applica-tions related to vegetation and other features of the Earth’s surface. Chapter 12 reviews (through an extensive literature reference list) remote sensing advancements in ecosystem structure and processes, and also notes important compromises in characterizing ecosystems from space, which are related to characteristics of imaging sensors. Chapter 13 introduces a method to estimate and map fuel moisture to determine fi re seasons. Chapter 14 introduces an approach for reconstructing forest disturbance history using Landsat data records and illustrates this with an example. Chapter 15 provides a review of satellite-based Production Effi ciency Model (PEM) for Gross Primary Production (GPP) of terrestrial ecosystems. Chapter 16 reviews the uncertainties in maps and statistics of global croplands and the as-sociated water use as determined by remote sensing and non-remote sensing approaches. Finally, Section IV examines additional environmental applications related to air, water, and land. This section comprises fi ve chapters. Chapter 17 reviews MODIS algorithms for aerosol retrieval both locally and globally and illustrates it with a case study. Chapter 18 demonstrates the development, evaluation and validation of remote sensing estimation of Chl-a (Chlorophyll-a) concentration in inland, estuarine and coastal waters. Chapter 19 provides a concise review of the development of remote sensing methods for the estimation of surface energy fl uxes. Chapter 20 gives an extensive review and related literature of approaches to measure urban biophysical features and presents the related emerging trends. Chapter 21, fi nally, sum-marizes major scientifi c and technical issues in the development of the National Land-Cover Database (NLCD) 1992, 2001, 2006 products. Improvements for NLCD 2011 are also discussed. The form of the book (comprehensive reviews accompanied by application presentations), the extent of its contents (wide range of sensors, platforms, wavelengths, methods and application areas), and the illustrative nature of case studies, provides an excellent supple-mentary text for both undergraduate and graduate students and a concise reference for scientists and engineers. Hearty congratulations to all prominent contributors and the editor! PHOTOGRAMMETRIC ENGINEERING & REMOTE SENSING

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