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Spring Into style / Which trendy spring fashions are right for you? Like a flower sprouting up from the soil, the spring trends in fashion are popping up all over town. As much as you may love them all, remember, not every spring trend will work for you! To familiarize yourself with what’s new and to get some inspiration, check out a few magazines and catalogs and bump around the web. Think about what you like and how you want to look. And before you run out to the stores, make the first stop your closet. (More on facing your closet in a moment.) That said, let’s take a look at the trends we’re loving this season: Wide Leg Pants: Yes, they’re back, so check out your closet in case you have a pair in there from a few years ago. Think Katharine Hepburn and Annie Hall. Wide leg pants will make you look taller and thinner, but the proportion has to be right. The taller you are, the wider the pant can be. These pants look great with a high heel hidden under the hem, and if that’s your personal style, go for it!Working women everywhere are embracing this trend. Bright Pops of Color: This is a great way to modernize your wardrobe for spring. Anyone can do this trend by adding something bright to something basic. It can be done with an accessory, such as a bracelet or scarf, or a funcolored tee shirt or skirt. Remember to think about how it looks against your skin tone, and keep the color saturated. The brighter the better! Neutrals: Creamy and dreamy are the buzz words for this trend. Neutrals like buff, beige, white and sand allow you to focus on Texture, cut and fit. Again, think about the color against your skin tone. Maybe you need a warm beige blouse instead of a cool white one. Don’t be afraid to mix neutrals, too. It can be a nude ballet flat, khaki skirt and white blouse. Top it off with mixing metals in your accessories to complete this look.Unsure about mixing neutrals? Making your look monochromatic (like wearing all white) can help you pull off this trend. Stripes: This classic look never goes out of style, but this year, it’s a huge hit. Proportion is important when wearing this trend. The taller you are, the wider the stripe you can pull off. While horizontal stripes tend to make the body appear larger, wearing a striped tee under a cardigan or cropped denim jacket can be very flattering. Don’t forget, the stripes can be an accessory, too, like a bracelet or scarf. Stripes are fun, youthful and fresh — and a great way to welcome spring. Now ask yourself, “How do I want to look?” Go to your closet, and take stock of what you already own. What looks can you create with what you already have? As always, the clothes in your closet should be appropriate for your body type (don’t sacrifice fit here!), personal style and lifestyle. Next, consider what you might need to complete your look. For example, if you want to wear a lot of bright colors and you already have a few bright-colored t-shirts, maybe all you need are some accessories, like a bracelet or belt. If doing the neutral trend Is more your style and you already have a white blouse and white pants, maybe all you need is neutral ballet flat. Make a list of these items, and take it with you when you shop.Don’t forget to keep an open mind — and stick to your budget! Susan Luc and Betsy Tabatcher are co-owners of Shop Your Closet. They do style consulting, wardrobe planning and personal shopping. You can contact them at 330-322-3611. Comments? E-mail them to editor Georgina K. Carson at gcarson@bakermediagroup.com. style 911: send Us Your style Questions Don’t know what to wear or how to wear something? Send your questions to Susan and Betsy at susanbetsy@shop-your-closet.com. Our model, Aristea Tzouloufis, is the Advancement Officer for the College of the Arts at Kent State University. She’s a wife, mom and gal-about-town who describes her personal style as “classic, with a fashionista twist.” And she loves separates and classic easy pieces for her frequent trips to NYC. To illustrate how to shop your closet and then shop the spring trends, we pulled a few pieces from Aristea’s closet, added a few more from local stores and voila — she’s ready for spring! Aristea’s body type is medium height, with no defined waistline, and she’s considered straight, rather than curvy — so she needs structured pieces to create a waist. THE JACKET Bright colors are hot for spring! This tailored, fitted blazer (J.Crew) gives the structure she needs, and the length of the blazer makes her legs appear longer.From her closet. THE BLOUSE The ruffles give her classic style a feminine edge, while the color and the stripes are right on trend (J.Crew). from her closet THE BRACELET A cuff bracelet is classic, and the pop of color makes it on trend for spring (M. Haskell at Dillards). New THE JEANS Straight fit is best for her body type, and cuffing the jeans helps to keep the look casual (Banana Republic).From her closet THE SHOES Espadrilles give Aristea that fashionista twist she loves, and they’re a hot shoe for the season (Stuart Wietzman at Nordstroms). New

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