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eLeCTrONiC PAPer P reparing for a switch to electronic health records (EHR) can be a potent source of stress for dermatologists. Evaluating vendors, interpreting the implications of the new health care law, and deciphering the meaningful use requirements can trigger a full day’s worth of headaches before the first patient of the day even checks in. Yet a number of health care experts — be they a dermatologist in private practice, a practice manager who oversaw a gradual switch, or the coordinator of a regional health IT extension center — posit that physicians can reduce their stress and more efficiently implement EHR technology by evaluating staff readiness before making such a drastic workflow change. Doing so, and later working closely with staff and involving them in the EHR selection and implementation process, can lead to a better outcome for patients, employees, and the practice overall. ► Dermatology WorlD  // March 2011  27

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