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facts at your fi ngertips data on display PERCENTAGE OF MEDICARE PATIENTS IN A PRACTICE 3.5% Potential impact of payment reductions on practice 80–100% 60–79% imPaCt On PraCtiCe staFFinG  no impact    freeze    reductions 16.4% 26-27% CUT 9.2% 11.6% 75.9% 28.1% 5-7% CUT 40–59% 19.3% 56.1% 20.3% FREEZE 71.9% 19.3% 1.5% 41.3% 41.3 PerCent OF PRACTICES REPORTED THAT BETWEEN 20 anD 39 PerCent OF THEIR PATIENTS ARE MEDICARE PATIENTS 20–39% imPaCt On eHr imPlementatiOn Plans  no impact    delay      indefinitely postpone 26-27% CUT 27.6% 6.1% 61.1% 9.9% 0–19% t he american academy of dermatology association’s survey of members  regarding medicare physician payment policy and the medicare patient  population provides a closer look at how dermatologists might cope with  program cuts. The survey revealed that medicare patients make up a  significant percentage of the patient base of the dermatology practices surveyed  — more than 89 percent of practices surveyed reported that they earn at least  one-fifth of their revenue from medicare. invitations to complete the survey were sent via e-mail to a randomly  selected representative sample of 3,503 academy members; 662 members  responded. The survey results have a margin of error of 3.7 percent with a 95  percent confidence interval.  dw 48   Dermatology WorlD  // January 2011 5-7% CUT 32% 33.5% 29.7% FREEZE 69.4% 15.8% 8.1%

Facts At Your Fingertips

The american academy of dermatology association’s survey of members regarding medicare physician payment policy and the medicare patient population provides a closer look at how dermatologists might cope with program cuts. The survey revealed that medicare patients make up a significant percentage of the patient base of the dermatology practices surveyed — more than 89 percent of practices surveyed reported that they earn at least one-fifth of their revenue from medicare.

Invitations to complete the survey were sent via e-mail to a randomly selected representative sample of 3,503 academy members; 662 members responded. The survey results have a margin of error of 3.7 percent with a 95 percent confidence interval.

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