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Table of Contents Attorney at Law Magazine is published by: Target Market Media Publications Inc. EDITORIAL 6 Got a Speaking Gig? Tips to Maximize It! By Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC Ken Minniti President & CEO of Target Market Media Publications, Inc. Executive Publisher/ Editor in Chief, Attorney at Law Magazine Howard LaGraffe Vice President Caitlin Keniston Editor Andre Denault Greater Baltimore Publisher Andrea Sydnor Wendy Port Jaqueline Davila Graphic Design Elizabeth Morse Assistant Editor Christopher Dionot, JD Zachary C. Reichenbach Dr. Craig Rosenberg R. Christopher Rosenthal Contributing Editors Stephen Fairley Terrie S. Wheeler Contributing Writers Mid Atlantic Video & Photography Productions Photography SEARCHING 9 Being an Expert Witness Part 2: In the Courtroom By Dr. Craig Rosenberg 10 William H. Thrush Jr. Attorney of the Month FOR OUR NEXT 13 Maximize Your Retirement Savings While Reducing Estate Taxes By Christopher Dionot, JD 15 Selecting and Using a Commercial Damages Expert By R. Christopher Rosenthal and Zachary C. Reichenbach 16 Alliance of Black Women Attorneys of Maryland (ZZVJPH[PVU7YVÄ SL TA RGET MARKET MEDIA Greater Austin | Metro Atlanta | Boston | Chicago | Greater Dallas 4L[YV +L[YVP[ c .YLH[LY -VY[ >VY[O c /HTW[VU 9VHKZ:, =PYNPUPH .YLH[LY0UKPHUHWVSPZc2LU[\JR`c.YLH[LY3HZ=LNHZc3VUN0ZSHUK Los Angeles County | Greater Miami | Orange County | Palm Beach County & Greater Fort Lauderdale | Mississippi | Central New Jersey | New Jersey Metropolitan | Northern New Jersey | Western New York | Greater New Orleans | Greater Orlando | Greater Phoenix | Greater Pittsburgh | Greater Philadelphia | Greater Salt Lake City | :HU[H9VZHc*LU[YHS=HSSL`*HSPMVYUPHc.YLH[LY;HTWH North Carolina Triangle | Minneapolis/St. Paul | Greater Cleveland Middle Tennessee | Downtown L.A | Baltimore | First Coast DO YOU KNOW 18 Haters Gonna Hate: How to Handle a Negative Online Review By Stephen Fairley SOMEONE TO Copyright ©2016, Target Market Media all rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is strictly prohibited. Subscription rate: $7.95 per copy. Advertising rates on request. Bulk third class (standard) mail paid in Phoenix, Arizona. Although every precaution is taken to ensure accuracy of published materials, Attorney at Law Magazine & Target Market Media cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied by authors. Postmaster – please send notices to: *VYWVYH[L6ѝ JL!&#1e;&#1e;&#1e;,HZ[;OVTHZ9VHK:\P[L&#1a; Phoenix, AZ 85014 Phone (480) 219-9716 Fax (480) 419-9727 • NOMINATE ? Submit nominations at SPECIAL SECTIONS 20 Talk of the Town Greater Baltimore Edition | (855) 984-1815 | Vol. 1 No. 5 Attorney at Law Magazine ® Greater Baltimore | 5

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