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AWARDS ³ ANNOUNCEMENTS ³ PRESS RELEASES ³ PROMOTIONS ³ EVENTS ³ ACTIVITIES ³ HONORS ³ RECOGNITIONS ³ Jennifer Busse has been appointed to serve as a direc-tor of the Baltimore County Economic Development Commission (BCEDC). Her background in assisting cli-Jennifer Busse ents through all phases of the development process in the Baltimore Metropolitan region is a welcomed addi-tion to the BCEDC board in its delibera-tions and the BCEDC looks forward to the contributions she would make to the busi-ness advocacy of Baltimore County. ³ Astrachan Gunst Th omas P.C . proudly announces that the International Trade-mark Association (INTA) has named fi rm principal, Jim Astrachan to its Interna-Jim Astrachan tional Trademark Mediators Network. INTA’s Trademark Mediators Network is the only panel of mediators with dual expertise in trademark and un-fair competition law as well as the art of mediating dispute settlement rates for these mediated disputes reach 70 percent. ³ Kevin Kelehan and Darren Burns, part-ners with Columbia-based law fi rm Car-ney , Kelehan , Bresler , Bennett & S cherr LLP, were re-elected to the section coun-cil of the construction law section of the Maryland State Bar Associa-tion for the 2016–2018 term. Kelehan and Burns fi rst joined the section council in 2012 and have been active as council members or offi cers Kevin Kelehan of the construction law sec-tion since its inception several years ago. In addition, their partner, Daniel Scherr , continues in his current term on the coun-cil. ³ Ballard Spahr shares that two Baltimore attorneys were honored as 2017 Lawyers of the Year by Best Lawyers in America. Paul E. Harner was 7H\S,/HYULY honored in bankruptcy liti-gation. Charles R. Moran was honored in corporate gover-nance law. ³ Gallagher Evelius & Jones LLP, a Baltimore-based law fi rm, is pleased to announce Charles R. Moran that James Buck has joined the fi rm. Buck joins the fi rm as counsel and will practice in the fi rm’s growing health law group. Buck will advise health systems, hospitals, James Buck nursing homes, and other health care providers on a range of busi-ness and regulatory issues and work close-ly with health care clients on corporate compliance. ³ Christo-pher Ryon and David Wright have been elected princi-pals of Kahn, David Wright Christopher Ryon Smith & Col-lins P.A. Since joining the fi rm, Ryon has counseled labor organizations and repre-sented them in arbitrations, litigation, ne-gotiations, and before government bodies. Wright counsels labor organizations and professionals. He has represented labor or-ganizations in administrative proceedings, arbitrations, litigation, negotiations and before legislative bodies. ³ Rosenberg Martin Green-berg LLP is proud to an-nounce that Giovanni Al-berotanza has been named a partner of the fi rm, eff ective Giovanni Alberotanza July 22, 2016. He is an attor-ney in the fi rm’s nationally-recognized tax controversy department. His practice focuses on the representation of individuals and businesses throughout all stages of civil and criminal federal and state tax controversies, including litigation in federal and state courts. SUBMIT FREE CONTENT FOR NEXT MONTH’S • • • • New Hires Honors & Awards Board Appointments (ZZVJPH[PVU,SLJ[PVUZ • • • • Promotions 5L^6ѝ JL3VJH[PVUZ Mergers & Acquisitions :WLHRPUN,UNHNLTLU[Z Greater Baltimore Edition | (855) 984-1815 | or submit online at Vol. 1 No. 5 Attorney at Law Magazine ® Greater Baltimore | 21

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