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So as long as we see more positive reviews than negative ones, we usually still invest in the product or service. People are not looking for perfection from you; what matters is how you address prob-lems by being transparent, genuinely con-cerned and responding positively. Here are seven eff ective ways to address a negative online review: 1. Contact the review site. If the review is fl agrantly false, defama-tory or you can prove a disgruntled for-mer employee or competitor submitted it, you can contact the review site and ask for its removal. Just be sure you can prove what you say. In my experience, it’s un-likely they will edit or remove the off end-ing review, but it still doesn’t hurt to ask them to in a professional manner. 2. Address it quickly, professionally and positively. Respond directly to the review on the site and let the reviewer know you are sorry they are not happy and will do everything in your power to make it right. Be positive in your response! Let them know that although you have worked with hundreds of clients who are happy with your services, to hear that there is even just one who is unhappy upsets and concerns you. Encourage them to con-tact you directly to try and resolve the issue. Th at shows other readers you are responsive and care about what people think. Th ank them for their business, for bringing this to your attention and mention any specifi c ac-tions you are taking to address their issue or to keep it from happening again. Note: Yelp uses an algorithm to deter-mine the “legitimacy” of reviews and oft en hides reviews in the fi ltered reviews section at the bottom of each page. Even legitimate, 5-star reviews can be found there, espe-cially if they are from fi rst-time reviewers. If that’s the case on your page, don’t be shy about drawing attention to these reviews in your commentary. Many people don’t know where to fi nd the hidden reviews. Th is is an-other reason why I do not recommend you invest time asking people to review you on Yelp. Avvo is a much, much better platform for attorney reviews. LinkedIn is a great place if you are a B2B attorney. 3. Resolve the problem. If you can fi nd an email address for the reviewer (or already know who they are), email them directly, If not, respond in the comment thread and ask them to send you their email address or phone number pri-vately so you can personally address their issue. Th en ask them what you can do to resolve the problem and work with them to fi nd a solution. Even if the issue seems un-reasonable to you, making them a satisfi ed client will pay off for you down the road. them from taking it out on you online. The Power of the Positive Review The question is not if you will get a negative review but when you will.. 4. Request an updated review. Once the problem has been resolved to the reviewer’s satisfaction, ask them if they would consider deleting their original post or updating it to refl ect that the issue has been resolved. If they prefer not to, then provide a comment on the site that you were happy to resolve the problem to the review-er’s satisfaction. Th is will demonstrate to other readers that you have acted to address and resolve issues proactively. 5. Set up a business page on multiple review sites. Th ere are over 100 diff erent review sites. You should set up and maintain listings on all the major ones. Here are just a few: Google (very important), Avvo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Merchant Circle, Yelp, Bing, City Search, Hotfrog, Superpages, Kudzu, Trip Advisor, Yellowbook, Dex Knows, Yellow Bot, Local, Best of the Web, Nolo and Four Square. 6. Set alerts. Many of those sites allow you to set up an alert so the site will notify you whenever a new review is posted. Set an alert for the name of your fi rm and for each attorney on Google Alerts ( alerts) as well. 7. Proactively encourage client feedback. Prevention is always cheaper than treatment! Be proactive in seeking out client feedback as you work the case, and conduct an exit interview following the conclusion of every client’s legal matter to ensure they have been satisfi ed with your services. Giving your client a direct voice in expressing any dissatisfaction may prevent We have a client – a family law practice – that currently gets 80-90 percent of its leads from the Internet. Th e majority of those leads come from review sites like Yelp, Google and Avvo. And these leads are above average. Th e fi rm is very good about a quick response to an email or phone call, following up to book an appointment the next day and calling to make sure the prospect shows. Th ey have a very low no-show rate in their main offi ce. Th ese people come ready to engage and, usually, hire the fi rm for their family law problem. Th is fi rm has done a great job of leveraging happy client experiences into positive online reviews. While many fi rms are wary of online reviews, this fi rm embraces them and even posts links on the home page of their website with a large banner that touts what their clients are saying about them. Yes, there are a couple of negative reviews in their pile of client ratings online, but those few serve to legitimize the entire process for them. People fi nd balanced reviews more believable; all positive ratings are usually suspicious. However you craft your approach to on-line reviews, you need to be aware that they are not going away. You cannot stick your head in the sand and hope that no one fi nds the negative reviews online. People want to share their experiences, and others looking for those same services want to know what experience others have had with a service provider. People are not dumb; they will weigh the good with the bad in their own minds and discount those reviews that are clearly irrational or offb eat. If you are not harnessing the power of the online review like my family law client then you are missing a golden opportunity to increase your Internet-based leads. If you let the good work you have done for years speak for you, it will do more for you in bringing you prospects who will already have a propensity to buy from you. :[LWOLU-HPYSL`PZ*,6VM[OL9HPUTHRLY0UZ[P [\[L
[OLUH[PVU»ZSHYNLZ[SH^Ä YTTHYRL[ ing company. He has helped over 10,000 attor-neys. For more information, call (888) 588-5891 or visit Vol. 1 No. 5 Attorney at Law Magazine ® Greater Baltimore | 19

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