Candy and Snack TODAY — September/October 2011
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Now Offering Value Mints

FOREST PARK, IL — Great Bite breath mints — “The Mint With An Attitude” — has a new, exclusive distributor in Ferrara Pan Candy Co., Inc. With these value-oriented mints, the family-owned company is looking to make its mark in channels where price-conscious mint consumers shop.

Featuring graphics of great white sharks on the labels, the mints are packaged in plastic, flip-top containers that appear to have a bite taken out of one corner, which the company says gives the product strong shelf impact.

That same design is extended to the mints, which are pill-shaped except for a small “bite” taken from one end.

“It’s a very unique package and piece design,” says Andrew Paulson, brand manager.

The company is selling peppermint singles with a SRP of 79 cents for oneounce packs. “Our customer is looking to get twice the product for half the price,” Paulson says. They come in 12-ct displays that ship 12 per case and in 72-ct shippers.

Peppermint is also available in two-ct peg bags. They have a SRP range of $1.29 to $1.49, emphasizing value in the product’s positioning, says Paulson. Two-ct packs ship 36 per case.

Retail Strategy Highlights Value
The breath mint segment has annual growth of 2.4 percent and the three products leading the segment represent 55 percent of sales in the sector, according to Ferrara Pan. With prices in the sector averaging $1.21 per ounce, the company saw room for competition.

“There’s a gap in the market for value-sensitive customers. There’s a need and we think we can answer that,” Paulson says.

“The majority of category volume has not seen pricing under $1 on a per ounce basis for some time, and there is a clear void and need for a value added entry,” Paulson continues.

Great Bite has high consumer attractiveness, he says. And with its peppermint flavor, which he claims is the category’s highest volume flavor, “Great Bite is a unique product with great longlasting taste, strong breath freshening, and hygienic reusable packs that are portable and quiet in the pocket or purse.”

Reaching Out To Drug, C-Stores
The company is focusing distribution first in drug and c-store channels, and is looking to get singles at front ends and two-ct peg bags in center store. Because of the products’ low price, Paulson says dollar stores are also a target.

The introduction includes shippers, which he says would be a good fit in grocery and mass channels.

Continuing, he says while all channels offer sales opportunities for breath mints, high traffic outlets such as c-stores drive the majority of volume in single pack sales.

“The modern trade classes also deliver high single sales and have exceptionally strong multipack sales on shelf and with off-shelf floor displays, which Great Bite breath mints is also entering by offering peppermint multipacks that can be retailed at up to 50 percent below category leader retails,” Paulson says.

The mints fit well into Ferrara Pan’s portfolio, Paulson notes, saying: “We’re in a lot of channels and chains, and often buyers and customers will ask for something like this. Now we have something to offer.”

Further, the item adds to the company’s portfolio strength, helping Ferrara’s trade partners order all the company’s brands with higher and more efficient loads, which somewhat offsets the effects of escalating logistics costs, he claims.

“Great Bite meets all the values that Ferrara Pan holds regarding its portfolio of brands and products. In short, always working to deliver the best quality and price down the supply chain,” Paulson says.